Weed-Food Pairings Likely to Follow if California Legalizes

Those prone to go face-first into some Funyuns after smoking will rejoice if California legalizes cannabis this coming election. Not only for the freedom of recreational weed, but also for the chef-inspired food pairings that will follow.

This November, Proposition 64 stands to make California the fifth state to legalize recreational use of weed. In preparation for a likely passing, both chefs and weed companies are looking forward to the “mainstreaming of food and weed.” Recently, Munchies correspondent Javier Cabral reported on an L.A. outing with a stoner-inspired menu. Offerings like a “fried Flamin’ Hot Cheeto-crusted rice ball” speak to the seamless marriage of chefs and weed (as many have been known to toke), as well as exciting new territory for pairings. Winemaker Jeff Fischer described the parallels between wine and cannabis: both engage similar senses, increase appetite, and introduce flavor. Considering that weed can be paired with food based on taste and effects, the future of pot-restaurant combos is lined with potential.

Weed: Not a garnish
Weed: Not a garnish

Although some may associated weed-food experiences with cold rice eaten out of the back of the fridge or Oreo dust ravenously licked out of the package, not all stoned dining has to be a binge. As recreational weed takes effect, the market will allow for both crappy weed and types suitable for a dining event. At Cabral’s shindig, Flow Kana (an organic, sun-grown cannabis company) provided trays of craft weed — which went well with the chef-quality food. Imagine a future where you can have a joint and a tube of Pringles, or you get an artisan variety with a slice of Kobe beef. Just as you can drink Olde English or Armand De Brignac, you can also smoke ditch weed or OG Kush.

If Colorado can provide any insight on recreational weed (which maybe it could if it wasn’t so high all the time) it is that it creates a substantial economic impact, in addition to extra benefits like weed and food. Although a complex issue with far-reaching implications, here’s hoping that I can one day walk into a restaurant and be greeted with the weed list.