Upcoming Video Game Features Detailed Urinal Experience

As part of his upcoming game, The Tearoom, indie developer Robert Yang created a realistic urinal. Not only will you be able to actually pee with member in-hand, but as part of his “period piece” you will also be able to peek at other men and cruise for gay sex.

According to Kotaku, The Tearoom is Yang’s wink at Triple-A games — which often include detailed, interactive toilets that fail to recreate the true peeing experience. Set in a Midtown Manhattan bathroom in the 1960s, Yang’s game includes a meticulous recreation of the “rare Hinsdale urinal.” On his Twitter, Yang shared the difficult process: from getting the grout and dirt right, to making the flushing look real, to recreating the physics of peeing. Gamers will surely appreciate the bathroom experience, especially given the ability to solicit gay sex.

As part of his erotic trend, Yang also developed Stick Shift — a short game about “pleasuring a gay car and bringing it to climax” — and Cobra Club — a dick pic game. As Cobra Club allowed players to adjust the girth, length, and shape of their gameplay penises, fans can look forward to similar detail in The Tearoom. The game is also Yang’s ode to the history of public bathrooms as a place for gay men to cruise for sex. Although deep into urinal details, he envisions the ability to look at other character’s members, send and receive “signals,” and even have a circle jerk. As part of a larger piece which takes place entirely in a gay bar, The Tearoom is sure to be a hit.

To stay updated on all-things urinal and dick related, check out Yang’s Twitter.