Arizona Death Row Prisoners Are Now Being Told: Bring Your Own Lethal Injection

You’ll think twice now before breaking the law in Arizona. After all, can you afford to pay for your own execution? Also, wouldn’t it be breaking the law to be in possession of drugs used in lethal injection?

According to Human Rights Watch, every 25 seconds someone is arrested for drug possession in the U.S. So how will an attorney “or other third parties acting on behalf of the inmate’s counsel” deliver a highly regulated pharmaceutical to the Arizona Department of Corrections for a prisoner’s lethal injection? According to The Guardian story, the new policy doesn’t elaborate on the how attorneys are supposed to procure the product and not get arrested themselves.

This new Arizona protocol was most likely established because finding companies to sell drugs for lethal injection is becoming harder and harder. Big pharma can’t make record profits without people. Thus, it seems like a bad idea to help those U.S. states with the death penalty get rid of customers. In fact, The Guardian adds that Arizona and other states have tried to illegally import deadly sedatives to carry out executions.

Imagine being on death row, making license plates or performing some other labor to make enough money to purchase your own death. It’s like a Mentos commercial in an alternate universe, he stamps the last plate and freeze frame on a bright white smile. This is just another sign that the nation’s prison system is desperately in need of reform.

Personally, I like the idea of rehabilitation, but that costs money. The current U.S. government is primed to make some big changes whether we like them or not. Thus, it may be time for George Carlin’s idea of nationally broadcasted, public beheadings.

Carlin presents sponsors, a lottery element and moral lessons, what could go wrong? Regardless, it’s no worse than telling death row inmates to bring their own lethal injection. Alright, Carlin’s idea is pretty awful. Forget I suggested it. You and I know that George Carlin is a comedian, but some Americans might believe that video is an instructional Ted Talk.

Speaking of questionable ways to kill inmates, The Guardian article shares that the state of Utah will use a firing squad if they have no drugs on hand and Mississippi is working to pass a similar law. Of course, that’s just another temporary measure. Soon enough, states won’t be able to afford bullets. Instead of being told BYOLI, death row inmates and their lawyers will be notified to BYOB. Even if some are confused and bring beer instead of bullets, alcohol poisoning might be the better way to go.

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